This Shani Jayanti (June 6th) : Perform Shani Graha Shanti Puja and nullify shani dosha in your life

Event : Shani Jayanthi
Venue : Hyderabad Kshetram


Lord Shani is regarded as ‘the Karmadhipath’. He causes good and bad implications based on our past deeds. The negative implications can be as malefic as financial losses, health issues, disputes in family, repeated failures, and lack of mental peace and stability. To overcome the ill-effects of Shani, one has to surrender unto the Lord and seek forgiveness for one’s past deeds. There are also remedial Pujas which can Appease Lord Shani and draw in his blessings, such as Japa, Tharpana, Homa, Daan, etc. Among all remedial Pujas, Thaila Abishekam is considered the most sacred ritual which can appease the Lord quickly. Shani Bhagwan is fond of black sesame seeds. Bathing him with sesame oil is said to resolve all Shani Doshas, such as Sade Sati (Elinati Shani), Ashtama Shani, Ardhashtama Shani, Saptama Shani, etc. 

Shani Jayanti(June 6th 2024)  marks the Janma Dhin of Lord Shani, the Hindu deity associated with the planet Saturn. Celebrated with great reverence and devotion, this auspicious day holds significant spiritual importance for believers. Lord Shani is believed to govern justice, discipline, and karma, symbolizing the consequences of one’s actions. Observing Shani Jayanti is thought to appease Lord Shani, mitigating the effects of negative karma and bestowing blessings for a life of righteousness and integrity.


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