Jyeshta Purnima Pujas: Santana Gopala Homa and Tulsi Archana

Event : vaikasi Pournami
Date : 23rd May 2024
Venue : Tirunelveli
Note : Bookings after 1PM , 23rd May 2024 will be considered for Santana Puja next month (June 22nd 2024 ) Jyestha Pournami .


Jyeshta Purnima

Pournami or Purnima is considered a complete Thithi (day), and it is auspicious for performing any sacred ritual. When the moon is full, the total 16 Kalas will be present in him. The Purnima which falls in the month of Chaitra  is a favorite to Lord Vishnu. Many devotees perform austerities and Pujas on this day, as it is said in many Puranas that one will attain many blessings both in the material world and in the spiritual world with this. Hence, our Purohits have decided to perform Santhana Gopala Homa and Tulsi Archana on Chaitra Purnima, which is occurring on the 22nd May.


About Santhana gopala Homa

Lord Santhana Gopala is a child form of Lord Krishna. Worshipping him will bestow the boon of parenthood to married couples. Those who are facing difficulties in attaining parenthood are believed to beget children soon by performing Santana Gopala Homa. This Homa will also eliminate Graha Doshas, which can cause obstacles in attaining parenthood. Even pregnant couples can perform this Homa to avoid Balarishta Doshas and have a safe pregnancy. Manh couples perform this Puja right after their marriage to seek the blessings of Santana  Gopala expecting a healthy offspring. Even those who have children can perform this Homa for the well-being and bright future of their children. Blessings of Santhana Gopala will also bring happiness and peace in the family.


Sacred Sevas on  Purnima

On the occasion of  Purnima, eminent Purohits in Tirunelveli are performing Santana Gopala Homa. Those are facing pregnancy complications and issues related to fertility and women who are pregnant can participate in this sacred Homa to give birth to a healthy child. Aside from this ritual, the Purohits will also be performing Tulsi Archana to Lord Vishnu. Participate in this ritual for prosperity, peace, happiness, and success in all endeavors. The Purohits will ensure that you receive the complete benefits of the rituals. Also, you will receive the Prasad upon the completion of the rituals. 

Watch the glimpse of the previous puja here: https://youtu.be/Dkvck7tUidg

Note: The live link to watch the puja, suggestions to be followed on the puja day, and puja timings will be sent to you within 24 hours before the start of the puja to your WhatsApp number.

Choose a seva

Santhana Gopala Homa – Rs.1016, Tulasi Archana to Shri Krishna – Rs.616, Feed a Go Matha – Rs.501, Purnima Pujas ( Homa + Tulasi Archana + Feed a Go Matha) – Rs.1916

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