Perform Gau Seva in Arunachala Kshetram and attain the abundant blessings of sacred Gau mata.

🛕Venue : Tiruvanamalai


In the Hindu tradition, the practice of “Gau Seva” holds significant spiritual and religious importance. “Gau” refers to the cow, which is revered as a sacred animal in Hinduism. The significance of Gau Seva can be understood through several spiritual and religious aspects.

Benifits of Gau Seva –

The Gau mata is considered a symbol of divine and natural beneficence. It is often associated with various Hindu deities, particularly Lord Krishna. Gau Seva is believed to purify one’s consciousness. In Hinduism, it is thought that the Gau mata possesses a subtle, positive energy that can help cleanse the surroundings and promote spiritual well-being. By worshiping the cow, devotees seek to connect with this divine energy and attain spiritual purity.

Importance of Gau Seva –

Gau Seva is an integral part of the Hindu tradition due to its deep spiritual and religious significance. It symbolizes gratitude, purity, and the values of compassion, making it a revered practice that upholds the reverence for the cow as a sacred and divine entity.

Book Gau Seva online  and take part in them from the comfort of your home. 

Experienced Purohits will perform the Seva in Tiruvannamalai Kshetra on your behalf by taking your name as Yajamanas in the Sankalpa. This ensures that the benefits of the Sevas reach you. You can watch the Sevas live on youtube. Prasadam will be shipped to your registered address.

Choose a Seva

Feed the Go Mata with fodder 2KG – Rs.251, Feed the Go Mata with fodder 4KG – Rs.501, Feed the Go Mata with fodder 10KG – Rs.1001, Feed the Go Mata with Wheat and Jaggery – Rs. 501, 2KG Fodder + Wheat & Jaggery – Rs.751


What is the significance of Sacred Devasmriti Services?
At Devasmriti, we deeply comprehend the transformative power of spiritual presence in one's life. Our sacred services are meticulously designed to connect you with the higher realms, where cosmic energies flow abundantly, nurturing your soul and guiding you towards righteousness.
What rituals does Devasmriti perform on your behalf?
We proudly perform the timeless rituals of Poojas, Yagnas, and Sevas on your behalf, offering our dedicated services. These sacred ceremonies are conducted with utmost precision and reverence, ensuring that the divine energies reach you in their purest form.
How will stay updated during rituals?
Throughout the sacred journey, we promise to keep you closely connected. You will receive detailed and timely updates, allowing you to immerse yourself in the celestial currents of these divine rituals.
What happens after completion of each seva?
Upon the completion of each Seva, it becomes our utmost priority to deliver the blessed Prasadam directly to your doorstep. This sacred offering, infused with celestial energy, serves as a token of divine love and blessings, enriching your life with the essence of the divine.
How do i Contact Devasmriti for more information?
For any further inquiries or to seek more information, please feel free to reach out to us through the contact details provided on our website. We are here to assist you on your spiritual journey and look forward to serving you with utmost devotion and reverence.
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